12 Activities For A Rainy Day In Boston

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12 Activities For A Rainy Day In Boston

The next time the rain gets you down, check out one of these indoor activities to get you off your feet and into the city.

1. Travel back to prehistoric times at Dino Safari in Faneuil Hall

Dino Safari, the latest exhibit at Faneuil Hall, is a thrilling blast from the past into a world of giant, moving dinosaurs. You can get up-close and personal with dozens of life-sized, realistic dinos like the Brachiosaurus, T-Rex, and Triceratops. With educational guides along the way, it’s a great educational experience for adults and kids alike. Not to mention there’s a huge gift shop and VR games inside! Dino Safari is an adventure you won’t want to miss—get your tickets here!

Find it at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, 206 South Market Street, MA 02109.

2 – 6. Take a cooking class

Get out of your kitchen comfort zone and take a cooking class with your friends, family, or loved ones. Not only will you have fun and eat fantastic food, you’ll also be able to recreate the dishes afterwards as many times as you want.

7. Visit the Theater of Electricity at the Boston Museum of Science

The Boston Museum of Science, a learning hotspot for the young and the young at heart, is home to a unique showcase of the power of static electricity. Two pillars topped by luminescent orbs stand in the center of the museum’s Theater of Electricity. The theater hosts a show entitled Lightning!, that shows the power of electricity, and the performance is included in the price of admission for the museum’s Exhibit Halls.

8. …and while you’re there, catch a movie at Mugar Omni Theater.

IMAX fans will love the five-story-tall screen at the Mugar Omni Theater at the Museum of Science. Current showings include Superpower Dogs and Back from the Brink, a documentary that follows three true stories of animal breeds that were saved from the brink of extinction.

9. Discover a hidden speakeasy

If you’re in the mood to hit the bars despite the weather, make it an adventure and ‘discover’ these underground bars. For instance, hidden underneath the iconic Modern Pastry Shop, one of the city’s famous North End Italian bakeries, is the Modern Underground Bar and Grill. Despite its location just beneath one of Boston’s eminent tourist destinations, many tourists and locals alike unwittingly pass by this charming underground spot! Check out our full list of ‘hidden’ speakeasies and find a new favorite spot.

10. Ogle at fish at the New England Aquarium

Escape the rain by spending a day exploring the New England Aquarium. A paradise for fish enthusiasts and the young at heart, the NEAQ is a perfect spot to spend an afternoon. Though you’ll need to reserve a time when you book your tickets, there’s no time limit for visits, meaning you can stare in awe for as long as you’d like.

11. Jump on the charcuterie craze at Kured

Need a pick-me-up on a rainy day? Try out a customized charcuterie board at Kured in Beacon Hill, where you can pick out your very own selections of meats and cheeses to take home. Better yet, they also offer local delivery to get your custom boards sent straight to your home!

12. Explore a new exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art

The Institute of Contemporary Art, apart from being housed in an impressive building that makes the most of its harborside location, hosts a rotating collection of excellent contemporary art exhibits.  On display now is the must-visit collection of Deana Lawson’s iconic photography—some of which are infamously immortalized on contemporary album covers—and the psychedelic sculptures of Raúl de Nieves. Make sure you book your tickets in advance!

[featured image: Unsplash / Osman Rana]

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