7 Hidden Speakeasies To Discover Around Boston

Vanessa Barron Vanessa Barron

7 Hidden Speakeasies To Discover Around Boston

It’s no secret—these cocktail bars are perfect for late-night drinks.

Roughly a century ago, Boston’s speakeasies operated for the practical purpose of serving illegal alcohol on the down-low. But nowadays, modern speakeasies exist more for the swanky and mysterious aesthetic appeal of a classic bar with delicious cocktails inside. If you’re looking for a secretive speakeasy to hit in Boston, these seven spots should be on your radar:

1. Brick & Mortar

Brick & Mortar in Cambridge has no sign out front, but you can find it by going inside the door to the left of Central Kitchen’s entrance in Central Square. After going up a set of stairs, you’ll be greeted to a giant horseshoe-shaped bar with ample stool seating—the perfect place to enjoy an expertly crafted cocktails. Plus, they share a kitchen with CK next door, so the bar snacks are top-tier as well.

Find Brick & Mortar at 567 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

2. Backbar

Backbar in Somerville is tucked away in an alley right near Bronwyn, but once you’ve successfuly found it, you’ll be in for any drink of your choice at this hideaway. In addition to the classics, they also have a slight Star Wars theme—try the Millennial Falcon (mezcal, sweet sherry, amaro) or the Bananakin Skywalker (Scotch, pineapple, banana).

Find Backbar at 7 Sanborn Ct, Somerville

3. Yvonne’s

Yvonne’s is tucked away inside a dark stairwell in Downtown Crossing. Inside, you’ll find a delightfully dark and refined supper club accented with marble & mahogany wood all around. The atmosphere is key here—with cow-hide chairs and candlelit tables, you’ll feel perfectly at ease to drink some of their signature house cocktails.

Find Yvonne’s at 2 Winter Pl, Boston.

4. Modern Underground

One of our favorite speakeasies is hidden in plain sight. Underneath the iconic Modern Pastry Shop, one of the city’s famous North End Italian bakeries, is the Modern Underground Bar and Grill. Despite its location just beneath one of Boston’s eminent tourist destinations, many tourists and locals alike unwittingly pass by this charming underground spot. They have a  signature flavored martini line, including a classic espresso martini, a tantalizing Cinnamon Toast Crunch martini with a cinnamon sugar rim, and a creamy mint green pistachio martini.


Find Modern Underground Bar and Grill at 263 Hanover Street, Boston.

5. Drink

Drink in Seaport is located right underneath Sportello’s, and it’s not your typical speakeasy as there is no menu. Instead, you just say what you’re thinking and they’ll make it for you—so if you’re in the mood for something sweet or spicy, with rum or gin, they’ll serve it up absolutely perfectly every time! While Drink is currently closed for renovations, they’re planning to reopen shortly so keep your eyes peeled!

Find Drink at 348 Congress St, Boston.

6. Bully Boy Tasting Room

As a distillery, Bully Boy is definitely qualified to serve excellent cocktails, and they live up to the expectation. Made with fresh juices, house-made tinctures, and seasonal ingredients, each cocktail showcases a different Bully Boy spirit at its best. And what better place to sample booze than right where it’s made?

Find Bully Boy’s Tasting Room at 44 Cedric Street, Boston.

7. Saloon

Located in Davis Square next to the Rockwell, Saloon’s entrance is a small, simple sign with its name on it, leading to a set of stairs. Inside, this charming cocktail bar serves vintage cocktails with ultra rare whiskey, bar snacks, and lovely choice light meals.

Find Saloon at 255 Elm St, Somerville.

[featured image: facebook.com/yvonnesboston]

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