21 Things You Don’t Want To Miss This Weekend In Boston: Nov. 19-21

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21 Things You Don’t Want To Miss This Weekend In Boston: Nov. 19-21

We’ve got you covered! There’s plenty of activities in and around the city for this weekend, from late-fall favorites to downtown festivals. Check out our top plans for November 19-21 to get some inspiration for your own itinerary.

1. Visit the new Dino Safari exhibit at Faneuil Hall

Dino Safari: A Walk-Thru Adventure opens in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace on November 19. Tickets are selling out fast, and you definitely don’t want to miss it! With over 30 specimens of life-sized moving replicas such as T-rex, Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus, this exhibit promises to give you an out-of-this-world experience straight from prehistoric times.

2. Explore Snowport for the first time this season

The holidays are fast approaching, and with them comes the return of Seaport’s winter wonderland, Snowport, on November 19. For its third annual year, Snowport will be a one-stop holiday destination with winter games, a Tree Market, Light Up Seaport, and a new holiday market.

3. Check out the new Van Gogh immersive exhibit

The highly-anticipated Van Gogh immersive experience opened this week at the Strand Theatre, and it’s everything we imagined it to be—with artistic masterpieces swirling around you on all sides, its’s as if you’re living in Van Gogh’s world. Instead of gazing at just one painting from afar in a museum, you’re able to walk inside a comprehensive selection of Van Gogh’s greatest works at this exhibit. Tickets for this weekend are still available here—but selling out quickly!

Find the Van Gogh Experience at 543 Columbia Rd, Boston, MA 02125,

4-11. Enjoy some fine dining in Seaport

The neighborbood of Seaport is getting a major glow-up these days. It feels like every hot new restaurant is popping up along the harbor! And with attractions like the Institute of Contemporary Art and the recent edition of Snowport, there’s never been a better time to check out a new restaurant in the neighborhood. Our favorites from the Seaport area include:


12. Catch some free music at The Beehive

The Beehive is a must-visit local restaurant for a number of reasons. Not only is the cozy atmosphere incredibly inviting and the food and drinks delicious, but they also have live music every weekend night! It’s the perfect vibe for a laidback, Bohemian-esque hangout.

Find The Beehive at 541 Tremont Street, South End, Boston MA.

13-18. Relish the last of the gorgeous fall foliage at a local park

It’s sad but true: winter is just around the corner, and the beautiful changing leaves will fall at some point soon. So wander around a local park this weekend while the weather’s nice and take in all of the fall beauty you can!

19-21. Try out a mochi donut

Mochi donuts are having a big moment in Boston right now. If you frequent the foodie side of Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a peculiar new donut shape appear recently. Mochi donuts are a combination of your classic American donut and mochi, a Japanese dessert made with a sticky, glutinous flour. Together, you’ve got a delicacy that delivers a crunch on the outside and a sweet and chewy center! Here are the best places to snag this new confection in Boston right now.

[featured image: Unsplash / Sydney Angove]
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