Mochi Donuts Have Arrived In Boston—Here’s Where To Get Them

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Mochi Donuts Have Arrived In Boston—Here’s Where To Get Them

If you frequent the foodie side of Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a peculiar new donut shape appear recently. Mochi donuts are a combination of your classic American donut and mochi, a Japanese dessert made with a sticky, glutinous flour. Together, you’ve got a delicacy that delivers a crunch on the outside and a sweet and chewy center.

Just this fall, two new mochi donut shops opened in Boston. However, other donut companies have been making them for a while, too. Here are the best spots to try out the donut craze:

Pon De Joy

Boston’s first mochi donut shop, Pon De Joy, opened in early October 2021 in Allston and has been selling out frequently ever since. Opened by Kimchipapi Kitchen, a Korean restaurant in Allston, Pon De Joy serves donut flavors like Oreo cookie, black sesame, Earl Grey, peanut butter toffee, matcha, and more. Be warned: they sell out early on the weekends, so get there early or go on a weekday.

Find Pon de Joy at 1 Brighton Ave., Allston, Boston


Part of a larger chain across the US, Mochinut has a wide variety of flavors like ube, yuzu, taro, and churro. This mochi donut shop is also located in Allston and conveniently located inside the bubble-tea chain Gong Cha, so you can have a sweet drink, too!


Find Mochinut at 154 Harvard Ave., Allston, Boston

Glazy Susan

Just outside of Boston in Worcester lies Glazy Susan, a top-tier donut shop serving every flavor and style of donut imaginable—and that includes the trendy mochi donut. Under the name Mochy by Glazy, their mochi donut flavor selection varies from month to month, but they always deliver on that sweet and chewy mochi combination.

Find Glazy Susan at 50 Foster St., Door 15A, Worcester.

[featured image: Unsplash / Fuji Nakama]

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