This Is The Best Weekend For Leaf-Peeping In New England, According To Experts

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This Is The Best Weekend For Leaf-Peeping In New England, According To Experts

New England’s fall foliage is always beautiful—but when does it reach its peak perfection?

We’re one week into fall, but the question on everyone’s mind is: when will it start to look and feel like fall outside? According to meteorologist David Epstein, we might have to be patient this year, but fret not—colorful fall foliage is on its way.

Due to the unseasonably warm weather Boston is having right now in September, the best of fall foliage is expected to begin later this year. The first trees to change their color will be sugar and red maples first, then oak will start turning later in the season.

In Southern New England, there is always some color by early October and continues into the first week of November. But the best time to see color this year, according to Epstein, is Columbus Day weekend, as many trees will have vibrant colors by then. Pro tip for Instagrammers: cloudy days are great for photographing the color of the leaves, but the sunny days give us those bright and cheery fall photos.


For those planning fall trips to see the foliage, late October is the ideal time to travel this year. Looking for trip ideas? We recommend Lenox, MA – it’s one of the top rated fall foliage spots in the country according to Reader’s Digest. Alternatively, USA Today recommends Stowe, Vermont as one of the best spots to leaf-peep.

If all else fails, check out this map that predicts the best time for every county in the US. Happy leaf peeping, Boston!

[featured image: Pexels]

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