This Awesome Map Shows When Fall Foliage Will Hit Its Peak Around Boston

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Boston Fall Shots

Attention leaf-peepers and fall lovers, we may have just found your new favorite tool.

Autumn is finally here and you may have already noticed the early signs of the fall season in the golden and auburn leaves decorating city trees. If you’re a fan of fall foliage like us, you may also be wondering when the best time for admiring the changing leaves in all their scarlet glory or simply cannonballing into a big ole pile of crackling leaves, then we may have just found the solution. And it’s this interactive map by smokeymountains.com. 

smokymountains.com map
Photo: smokymountains.com

The map draws on sources like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to predict when trees across the country will reach their fiercest colors and help leaf peepers plan their vacations in the Great Smoky Mountains. Nonetheless, the map comes in very hand for Washingtonians who are looking to see the beautiful leaves in and around the city.

In the coming week, you may notice quite a few trees transitioning into their beautiful autumnal colors. That’s because they’re only in the ‘patchy phase’ according to the interactive map. Trees around Washington DC, however, are expected to burst into beautiful shades of auburn, crimson and gold later in October, reaching their peak between October 5 and October 12.


So if you’re planning on going on a fall adventure into the wild make sure to check smokeymountains.com’s handy dandy map for the ultimate foliage experience. And if you’re looking for places to go see the changing leaves around the city don’t worry, we’ve found eight beautiful ones right here! 

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