18 Fantastic Things To Do This Weekend: Jan. 21-23

Vanessa Barron Vanessa Barron

18 Fantastic Things To Do This Weekend: Jan. 21-23

Look no further! There’s plenty of activities in and around the city this weekend, from wintertime favorites like ice skating to exploring magical icicle castles. Check out our top plans for January 21-23 to get some inspiration for your own itinerary.

1. Check out the Chinese New Year Flower Pop-Up

From January 22nd to the 31st, you can prepare for the Lunar New Year by stopping by this pop-up market in Chinatown. You can get flowers, red envelopes, decorations, and more from local small businesses at 681-683 Washington St, across from the Empire Garden Restaurant.

2. Sample free beer at the New England Beer Festival 

On Saturday and Sunday, Time Out Market in Boston will be hosting breweries from around New England that will offer free tastings from 12pm to 5pm. With live music and full cans available at the bar, it’s bound to be a good time!


3. Warm up with a delicious cup of hot chocolate

Did you know that drinking hot chocolate can actually make you smarter? It’s all the more reason to indulge in the coziest of beverages this weekend! Check out our list of the most decadent cups of hot cocoa you can get in Boston right now for more inspiration!

4. Explore a massive ice castle in New Hampshire

Down for a road trip? There’s a massive castle made out of icicles opening this weekend in Woodstock, New Hampshire (which is about a 2-hour drive from Boston)! And judging from the stunning photos we’ve seen so far, it’s sure to be a magical experience you won’t want to miss.


5-11. Warm up next to a fireplace in one of these cozy restaurants

When the weather gets cold, it’s time to park yourself right next to a roaring fireplace. If you’re looking for a cozy hearth outside the home right now, these 7 bar and restaurants are known for their grandiose fireplaces—along with delicious drinks and food, of course!

12. Discover a hidden streetwear store

Looking for a little adventure? Bodega, a high-end streetwear store, has a fairly unique storefront for its Boston location. With no outdoor signs, it’s located inside a seemingly nondescript convenience store, but the entrance is hidden in plain sight—right behind a Snapple machine.

13-17. Grab your skates and hit an ice rink

Skate your heart out in a winter wonderland this weekend. Our favorite ice rinks are all open, so pick a day, find your skates in the back of your closet (or simply rent a pair at the rink), and get skating!

18. Go on a spontaneous adventure for the weekend

As much as we love Boston, sometimes the wicked cold weather and crazy traffic can get you down. This winter, why not treat yourself to a lovely weekend getaway in a neighboring town or state? Escape the bustling city life and relax in a quaint New England town for a few days, and you’ll be ready to return to Boston fully recharged for the winter months ahead!

[featured image: Unsplash / Osman Rana]

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