Escape The Crowds With A Hike Up To These Beautiful Vermont Waterfalls

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Escape The Crowds With A Hike Up To These Beautiful Vermont Waterfalls

Tucked away in Warren, VT, these falls are the perfect natural spot to escape the leaf-peeping crowds.

A wild swimming spot may not sound like the most appealing fall destination, but hear us out. If you’re looking to escape the throngs of leaf-peepers currently exploring the New England wilderness but still want to bask in the glorious fall foliage of the area then we may have found just the spot for you.

A three-hour car ride away from Boston just outside the quiet town of Warren, VT, Warren Falls is a popular summer destination with young Vermontians. In the autumn months, however, it’s the perfect natural gem in which from which to admire the changing leaves away from the crowds.

This natural hidden-gem is tucked away in the Mad River Valley, the granite swimming hole is composed of several small plunges that cascade into a dreamy pool of green-tinted, crystalline water.

And although these make for a magical cliff-jumping experience in the summer it makes for an equally spectacular view in the fall and the perfect photo op too–Just picture the swirling pool of green waters surrounded the red, gold and orange trees… Stunning right?


Warren Falls are just off Route 100 and are easily accessed by a trail from the parking area. To get down to the riverbed, turn right and follow the path down a short hill, which will bring you a bit further down stream to view the falls.

And if you’re down to do some more hiking, you can always drive further down south on Route 100 to reach the Blueberry Lake trail network inside the Green Mountain National Forest, another great spot in which to admire the vibrant colors of the season.

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