45 Fantastic Things To Do In Boston This November

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45 Fantastic Things To Do In Boston This November

From dinosaurs to tea parties, you’ll have no problem finding plans for your weekends this month. And with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, you can start looking forward to the best holiday events and activities of the year! Read on to find our top plans for November.

1. Experience dinosaurs up-close at Dino Safari: A Walk-Thru Adventure

Get up close and personal with dinosaurs at Faneuil Hall this November. From the mighty T-Rex of North America to the giant amphibious Spinosaurus from Africa, you’ll be able to stand next to over 30 full-scale, scientifically-accurate animatronic dinosaurs with smooth, quiet, realistic movements. You’ll learn where on Earth they lived, how they behaved, and how they evolved over time. Fun for adults and kids, tickets to Dino Safari are available now. 

Find Dino Safari at 4 S Market St, MA 02109.

2. Enjoy yourself at the Wicked Wine and Seltzer Fest

Boston’s Wicked Wine and Seltzer Fest is a celebration of all things fall. With a delicious selection of wines and tasty seltzers, you’ll be vibing all night to a live DJ set, corn hole games, and a tasting contest. Plus, all guests will be entered to win a door prize giveaway with items valued at over $1,000—and what’s better than that? Tickets are available now. 

Find the Wicked Wine and Seltzer Fest at the Revere Hotel Boston Common, 200 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116.

3-5. Enjoy a romantic and calming candlelight concert

Calm your mind and experience classical music in a new light with these sensational concerts located in magical venues in Boston. Throughout September, October and November, the Candlelight concert series invites everyone to relive the greatest works of classical and modern music—all the way from Liszt to Metallica—in an intimate atmosphere. Our top picks for November include:

6. Experience fine art like you never have before at Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

The Strand Theatre is currently hosting a totally unique entertainment show—a 4D experience that surrounds you with artistic masterpieces of Vincent Van Gogh on all sides. As opposed to gazing at just one painting from afar in a museum, you’ll be able to walk inside a comprehensive selection of Van Gogh’s greatest works at this exhibit. The vibrant colors and masterly brushstrokes swirl around you as you experience these post-impressionist works at a surreal scale. You can get tickets to this unique experience here. 

7. Snag your tickets for the Mad Hatter’s (Gin &) Tea Party

This Alice in Wonderland-themed cocktail experience will send you down the rabbit hole as you enjoy delicious concoctions (spiked with a bit of gin!) during your teatime. Your host, the Mad Hatter, will go above and beyond to entertain you with jokes and songs as you explore the surreal atmosphere of Wonderland, decorated with extravagantly ludicrous decor and a kaleidoscope of colors! Tickets are selling out quickly, so act fast to get a seat at the tea party.

8-10. Take a cooking class

If you’re looking for a delicious food experience that you can recreate again and again, why not try a cooking class? Whether they’re in-person or online, cooking classes are a great way to spend a night with friends or a date and elevate your kitchen skills to a whole new level. Our top picks for classes in Boston right now include:

11-12. …or if you don’t feel like cooking, take a food tour.

Food tours are the perfect way to explore the best offerings of Boston’s food scene. Instead of stressing about what to eat for dinner, go on a guided (or self-guided!) tour around the city to have a totally unique culinary experience. Our favorites in Boston right now include:

13. Catch the last of the fall foliage at the best rated spot in Massachusetts

Planning a trip to the countryside to catch the leaves changing colors this fall? Lenox, MA should be on your itinerary. According to Reader’s Digest, this Berkshires town has some of the most vibrant fall foliage in the country. Starting in late September, the area’s landscapes are ablaze with reds, yellows, and greens.

14. Or explore a hidden waterfall in Vermont, surrounded by changing trees

Tucked away in Warren, VT, these falls are the perfect natural spot to escape the leaf-peeping crowds. A wild swimming spot may not sound like the most appealing fall destination, but hear us out. If you’re looking to escape the throngs of leaf-peepers currently exploring the New England wilderness but still want to bask in the glorious fall foliage of the area, this is the place for you this fall.


15. Go ice skating at Boston Common’s Frog Pond

Once the weather gets cold, Boston Common’s Frog Pond traditionally opens for skating mid-November (unless the weather is too warm – in that case, check back in December!). Other ice skating rinks will soon follow after that, so get prepared to spend some wintery nights out on the frozen pond.

16-21. Check out a local museum—for free

Museums are great places to visit for bad weather days, Boston is home to some truly impressive museums. However, those admission fees can add up if you’re looking to experience them all. Luckily, if you time your visit right, you can get free or discounted admission to many of Boston’s world-class museums. Check out our guide to getting free or discounted admission for all the best tips.

22-25. Catch a Christmas tree lighting ceremony

Watching the Christmas trees light up for the first time each season is a magical moment. A free and festive November activity, many of the biggest lighting ceremonies happen at the end of November, including these tentative dates:

  • Macy’s Downtown Crossing – Nov 26th
  • Copley Square – Nov 29th
  • Massachusetts State House – Nov 23rd
  • Faneuil Hall Marketplace – Nov 30th

26-28. Visit the ICA’s two new exhibits

This November 4th, the ICA will be opening two new exhibits to the public, spotlighting Deana Lawson and Renée Green. Lawson’s photography investigates typical representations of Black life through a wide spectrum of photographic mediums, including family albums, portraiture, and appropriated images. Green, a Somerville-based artist,  is known for her densely layered, multifaceted artworks, which include room-filling multimedia installations, films, sound-based works, and photography. And while you’re there, you definitely don’t want to miss getting tickets to the Yayoi Kusama exhibit, Love Is Calling—it’s a funky, psychedelic artistic experience that you’ll have to experience firsthand.

29. Vote!

Election Day on November 2nd is an important day for Bostonians: the mayoral election is finally coming to a close, and your vote on the 2nd can directly impact you, your neighborhood, and your city. Read our complete guide on what to know for this election to get all the necessary details before you cast your ballot on Tuesday.

30-36. Go glamping in the great outdoors

Fall weather can be unpredictable, but you can bet that a glamping experience is sure to be a comfortable getaway in nature this fall.  Glamping (glamorous camping!) provides all the beautiful scenery of the outdoors without sacrificing modern amenities. Luckily there are tons of glampsites around New England. While some require long car rides away from the city, the trek will absolutely be worth it. Check out our top picks for glamping outside of Boston for a lovely fall getaway.

37-39. Try out a new restaurant

There’s a plethora of new spots opening in Boston this fall. Our favorites: Coquette, a flirty and fancy coastal-French restaurant, and Bar Enza, an Italian eatery. with a Michelin-star chef. Both of these brand-new spots promise delicious foods in lovely settings that will whisk you away from Boston into a flavorful world of gourmet innovation! Or if you’re looking for something a little less formal and energetic, we recommend Spin, a ping-pong bar and eatery that will provide you with great drinks and fun times.

40-45. …or revisit a classic: the Apple Cider Donut 

It’s that time of year when local orchards and bakeries start serving those steaming hot, cinnamon-dusted delicacies we call apple cider donuts. When you’re craving a fresh-baked donut, you don’t have to travel too far to satisfy your cravings. Check out our list of the best places in in the city to get one (or a dozen), including Blackbird Doughnuts, Kane’s Donuts, and Wilson Farm.

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