A New Public Art Installation Has Opened In Downtown Crossing

Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz Mª del Rosario Castro Díaz

Tasteful Boston 2020

Tasteful Boston celebrates the city’s storied culinary history bringing a splash of color to Downtown Crossing.

‘Tasteful Boston,’ Downtown Crossing’s newest public art exhibit is bringing together young, local artists to celebrate Boston’s rich culinary history. Over the past few weeks, a dozen artists have been working away to transform 12 BID-area utility boxes into striking works of art that locals will be able to check out starting Friday, October 2.

The works of art celebrate iconic elements of Boston’s eclectic culinary history featuring extra tasty elements like cannolis, bubble tea, pho soup, ramen and more.  The 12 young artists were chosen by a panel of judges from nearly 50 applicants and draw on personal and family food memories as well as historic subjects to create the tasty works of art.

Charlestown-based artist, Jasmine Lee, ‘uses bright colors to render her fondest memories growing up in Chinatown: family dim sum brunches, community banquets, and the neighborhood’s bustling bakeries and Boba shops,’ while Jamaica-born artist Khyle Parke,  draws on color schemes from his favorite childhood cartoons to represent the city’s most well-known foods, from Boston Bowl pizza to Fenway Park hot dogs.

While the project is still underway, five boxes featuring the works of  Carolyn Depot, Howie Green, Jasmine Lee, Kyhle Parke and Eli Portman  have already been finished and can be fully admired in this short walking tour that centers in and around Downtown Crossing, spanning from Chinatown to Government Center to the heart of the Financial District.


For the full flavorful experience, you can find a map of all the utility boxes here.

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[Featured image courtesy of Downtown Boston BID]

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