Brave The Cold & Dine Out In An Adorable Greenhouse At This Cambridge Restaurant

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Brave The Cold & Dine Out In An Adorable Greenhouse At This Cambridge Restaurant

The cold weather is looming around the corner, but Cambridge’s Tallula has got you covered for winter season dining — literally.

We already got our first taste of the snow season a couple of weeks ago and it looks like winter may be coming in hot — I mean cold — this year. So what to do when it comes to going safely out for dinner? Well, Cambridge restaurant Tallula may just have the answer to all your winter dining prayers: Tiny-greenhouse dining.

These adorable greenhouses have been all the rage in cities like NYC and Chicago when it came to COVID-friendly dining throughout the summer and here in Boston, they’re the perfect solution to dining out on the sidewalk while surrounded of giant mounds of snow.

Tallula’s greenhouses come with their own heating and lighting system so you can enjoy your meal come rain, shine or snow!  There are 5 greenhouses available at the restaurant each seating two people maximum for a totally charming and intimate dining experience.

What’s for dinner you ask? There’s a whole array of incredibly-looking dishes designed to help keep you and your plus one warm well through the night. Options include, but are not limited to, a “Fall Vegetable Soup” ($13) with pistou, Parmigiano Reggiano and spicy croutons, some hearty cannelloni ($20) with pumpkin, bechamel sauce, pecorino and hazelnut, and beef short ribs ($30) served with butternut squash, roasted mushrooms and Peter Wilcox potato.


You can also choose to dig into Tallula’s tasting menu ($85) with an optional wine pairing ($55) to enjoy some more yummy dishes like maitake soup with roasted pumpkin, Tajarin– freshly made noodles with lobster and roasted garlic– and a lovely lemon tart with coconut and cranberry for dessert.

To keep the enclosures sanitized and aerated Tallula will be sitting a couple per night at each of their greenhouses, so it’s probably best to book your spot ahead of time on their website.

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