14 Amazing Shots Of Yesterday’s Snow That Are Absolutely Stunning

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14 Amazing Shots Of Yesterday’s Snow That Are Absolutely Stunning

Winter came early to Boston this year and after taking a look at some of these pictures we’re absolutely loving it!

Boston was covered in a thick white blanket of snow yesterday leaving behind some rather curious shots behind. Fall and winter battled to take over the landscape and we never thought we’d see our Halloween pumpkins covered in snow, but hey it’s 2020 and anything can happen! Take a look at these beautiful shots of Boston’s first snow of the season.

1. Snow and fall foliage? Well that’s a rare sight!

2. This iced out pup was certainly enjoying the freezing cold weather!

3. Seriously, it’s like fall and winter had a full-on battle, but it was kind of awesome

4. It’s like a Halloween Winter Wonderland!

5. The pumpkins were confused and so were we at first…

6. Trudging through the snow to get to class in “Snowtober”? A Whole new experience.

7. The skyline looked absolutely gorgeous covered in snow!

8. Did you know Boston set a new record for snow on Halloween?

9. Well it did! It snowed 3.5 inches breaking the 2005 Halloween record of 1.1 inches.

10. This Brookline house looks rather dashing in the snow don’t you think?

11. How about this shot of Harvard Yard? Wicked awesome!

12. Snow+foliage? Snowliage?

13. The first flakes fall in Downtown

14. Just looked at that snowed out sky… so beautiful!

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[Featured image: Instagram / @oschapov]

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