Escape To A Winter Fairytale Land Inside One Of These Magical Ice Castles

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Escape To A Winter Fairytale Land Inside One Of These Magical Ice Castles

Immerse yourself in a Winter Wonderland of fairy-tale castles now open in New Hampshire!

Calling all winter lovers! New Hampshire’s popular ice castles are making a comeback after the holidays albeit with a few changes to make this magical experience COVID-friendly.

The Utah-based company Ice Castles has redesigned its icy behemoths to accommodate social-distancing measures, but you can still expect to wander through their usual breathtaking creations.

Each weighing over 20-million pounds, this year’s ice castles will feature breathtaking illuminated sculptures, frozen thrones and ice-carved fountains as well as strictly one-way crawl spaces, slot canyons, tunnels and slides.

To ensure visitor safety Ice Castle will also be installing hand sanitation stations throughout the experience and guests as well as employees will be required to wear masks and adhere to a 6-foot social distancing between household groups. Staff will also frequently sanitize high-touch surfaces like sliding mats. To ensure guests adhere to the new measures, the company stated it may also close some of the attraction’s features.


Construction in North Woodstock, N.H., was expected to start earlier in Novemember once the company can harvest the thousands of icicles necessary to build the giant castles. The dreamy ice castles are scheduled to open on January 18 (weather permitting) and tickets will be available online around a week before the castles open, most likely around New Year’s Eve.

The castles will be open seven days a week and tickets may be available on-site depending on whether the attraction’s sold out for the day. To book your spot for this must-see adventure we highly recommend booking your tickets well in advance!

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