Famous Boston Restaurants ‘Eastern Standard’ & ‘Island Creek Oyster Bar’ Have Closed For Good

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Famous Boston Restaurants ‘Eastern Standard’ & ‘Island Creek Oyster Bar’ Have Closed For Good

It’s official, the Eastern Standard and sister restaurant Island Creek Oyster Bar are now permanently closed.

Another sad day for the Boston restaurant scene. Earlier on Thursday, February 18, it was announced that Kenmore Square’s beloved restaurants the Eastern Standard and Island Creek Oyster Bar have closed for good.

The rumors of their closure first broke earlier this month when a hearing on the City of Boston Licensing Board website indicated that both restaurants were looking to transfer their liquor licenses to UMNVAG Kenmore, LLC. The Hawthorne.

However, The Boston Globe confirmed the dreaded rumors earlier on Thursday after speaking with a representative for the restaurants. The Hawthorne, the cocktail bar next door, has also closed.

The emblematic Eastern Standard had been the go-to spot for many in the area, somewhere where to brunch with your girls on a Saturday morning and go out on a date by night. Meanwhile, the Hawthorne and Island Creek Oyster Bar were also at the heart of the hustle and bustle of Kenmore Square.

“So much happened between the beginning and now. Thousands of extraordinary young people. Spectacular moments of hospitality” wrote Owner Garrett Harker, on a heartfelt post, which for many also felt like a farewell one. “Unlike the trendy hollow slogan of the times, we were truly all in it together and for that I’m grateful.”


“I just never could imagine for a second that I wouldn’t have ES in my life,” he continued.

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