Put Your Detective Skills To The Test With This Awesome Virtual Murder Mystery Dinner

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Put Your Detective Skills To The Test With This Awesome Virtual Murder Mystery Dinner

Who is the Marshmallow Fluff Murderer? Join Somerville’s Juliet on an exhilarating virtual murder mystery dinner to find out!

Picture this: You’re at home enjoying a delicious meal by Juliet. Suddenly you’re time traveling. It’s 1921 and Somerville residents are getting ready to celebrate the town’s 50th anniversary. Michael Martini is running for mayor and hosts one last fundraising party before the big election. He takes a sip of his hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff and he falls to the floor. He’s dead. But who poisoned his cup?

Join Juliet for the latest edition of Nora Connolly’s virtual murder mystery dinner and uncover the mystery of the Marshmallow Fluff Murder. Put your detective skills to good use while enjoying a delicious three-course meal and help the host detective collect clues to solve this puzzling murder. The culprit could be anyone… Even you!

With scrumptious dishes like pasta pomodoro, bread and spreads and kale Caesar salad, the cook along dinner is meant to be easy for you to prepare so as not to distract you from your detective work! Almost all the work will be done for you but you’ll be walked through any steps that need to happen in the moment. 

As an additional option, the dinner party also features a bottle of wine for 1 person but you can add an extra bottle and a t-shirt to go along with it if you so wished it. 

Juliet’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party will be taking place on Friday, February 12, and Friday, March 12 and dinner is available for pick up and delivery (available only for those who live within a 3-mile radius of the restaurant).

Please note that sales close two days prior to the event, so make sure to book your tickets ahead of time!

Will you put your detective skills to good use? Book your tickets here!

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