20 Lovely Dogs Enjoying Life In Boston That Will Brighten Up Your Day

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Boston Dogs

 We love life in Boston and so do our furry friends!

Here’re are some of the cutest, most wholesome puppers you’ll find roaming around Beantown just enjoying city life!

1. First, there’s Mr. Kingsley who seems pretty stoked about hanging out in the Commons!

2. Then there’s this lovely lady who looks pretty happy about the beautiful skyline views of her walk.

3. And Charlie, who loves lounging at Revere Park just as much as we do!

4. This lovely little pomsky who was having a bit of a hat hair day.

5. These two furry pawls look pretty cool while walking the Freedom Trail.

6. Then there’s Mia, just an uber-photogenic pup in Boston’s uber-photogenic street.

7. And let’s not forget this equally photogenic pupper all ready for his Acorn Street photo!

8. Just a few buddies out for a few beers.

9. Obligatory skyline pic!

10. Wall-E sure knows how to take advantage of summer on the Esplanade…

And that’s on a hammock under the shade!

11. Lovely lady, Lyra, went out on a stroll on Comm Ave with her beautiful lemon bow.

12. And little Ollie was pretty happy about getting to see his friend the Frog at the Frog Prond.

13. While Bodie Boston Terrier cooled down at a Boston beach.

14. This lovely little angel really enjoyed his walk through Boston’s West End.


15. And Goldendoodle Booboo went to pay a visit to Mama duck and her little ducklings before they ran off for a swim!

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[Featured image: @joystreetkids, Instagram]


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