Governor Charlie Baker’s New Executive Order Goes Into Effect Today

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Governor Charlie Baker’s New Executive Order Goes Into Effect Today

Here’s what you need to know about the new health & safety orders issued by Governor Baker which are taking effect on Friday, November 6.

On Monday, November 2, Governor Baker announced a new executive order to help combat the rising COVID-19 cases and prevent this from overwhelming the Massachusetts health care system by the end of the year.

“Once again, it’s time for the people of Massachusetts to step up for one another — to play by the rules and to fight the fight,” the governor said in a press conference Monday.

Besides the stay-at-home advisory calling all Mass residents to remain home from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Baker has issued a series of additional health mandates. Here’s the full breakdown of the new rules going into effect on Friday.

First, the governor has issued a new face-covering mandate for indoor and outdoor public spaces. Face masks are now mandatory at all times for those 5 or older whenever in public including on streets and sidewalks, as well as when in a car with members of another household. Exceptions include those with medical or disabling conditions. You may also remove your masks when they’re dining at a restaurant or are at the dentist.

The number of people allowed at indoor gatherings at private residences has been reduced from 25 to 10. The number for outdoor gatherings has also been reduced from 50 to 25. Additionally, all gatherings and events must disperse by 9:30 p.m.


The state’s Department of Health is also reinstating the stay-at-home advisory, meaning residents will have to remain home from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. and cannot leave their residences except they’re running critical errands including getting groceries, addressing health issues, or taking a walk.

In addition to this advisory, a corresponding executive order requires all entertainment-related businesses to close by 9:30 p.m. Alcohol and recreational marijuana sales must also stop by 9:30 p.m. (with the exception of alcohol selling retailers like groceries stores which can remain open) as well as in-person dining in all restaurants or similar establishments. These, however, can remain open beyond that time for the delivery of food and non-alcoholic beverages. These are the businesses that are affected by the new executive order:

  • Restaurants (in-person dining must cease at 9:30 PM, although takeout and delivery may continue for food and non-alcoholic beverages, but not alcohol)
  • Liquor stores and other retail establishments that sell alcohol must cease alcohol sales at 9:30 PM (but may continue to sell other products)
  • Adult-use marijuana sales must cease at 9:30 PM (not including medical marijuana)
  • Indoor & outdoor events
  • Theaters/movie theaters (including drive-in movie theaters), and performance venues (indoor and outdoor)
  • Youth and adult amateur sports activities
  • Golf facilities
  • Recreational boating and boating businesses
  • Outdoor recreational experiences
  • Casinos and horse tracks/simulcast facilities
  • Driving and flight schools
  • Zoos, botanical gardens, wildlife reserves, nature centers
  • Close contact personal services (such as hair and nail salons)
  • Gyms, Fitness Centers and Health Clubs
  • Indoor and outdoor pools
  • Museums/cultural & historical facilities/guided tours

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