This Is Massachusetts Best Attraction According To Instagram Users

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Martha's Vineyard Best Attraction

Instagram has spoken, the Vineyard takes the prize!

Drumroll, please! The prize for best Massachusetts attraction goes to… Martha’s Vineyard! Instagram user and chart maker extraordinaire, Matt Shirley (@mattsurelee), recently shared a map depicting the best attractions across all 51 states according to his 390,000 followers and it would seem like Martha’s Vineyard takes home the prize for Massachusetts!

A popular vacation destination, the island is a total staple of summer in Massachusetts. With its beautiful Carpenter Gothic cottages, white, sandy beaches and traditional lighthouses oozing New England charm, it’s no surprise users chose it as our best attraction.

Nonetheless, the post has inspired quite the debate, and it would seem like some of our fellow residents wouldn’t agree with the choice.  User @leocastro5725 wrote: “Martha’s vineyard is not Massachusetts best attraction lol. If you said cape cod (including the islands) then maybe you be right.”

Honestly, we couldn’t agree more with him, the cape is absolutely breathtaking, but we got to admit Martha’s Vineyard is still a pretty awesome representative for Massachusetts.

Still, choosing our country’s best attraction proved quite a difficult task.  Just thinking of Cape Cod’s beautiful destinations including Provincetown and Hyannis, its completely understandable that users would be bamboozled by the overwhelming amount of choices in Mass alone! According to Shirley’s post,  the map “was not nearly as unanimous as the Worst Attraction map but there were plenty of people who answered ‘nothing.'”



Oh yeah, did we forget to mention Shirley’s other controversial post, the worst attraction map? Well, he also asked his followers to vote for the worst attraction for each state and that certainly provoked some heated debates.

If you’re wondering what Massachusetts attraction is–it’s Plymouth Rock. It would seem like not all users are fans of the historic rock on which the pilgrims first landed on. We think it is still a pretty cool site to check out especially if you pair with a visit to the Mayflower II and Plimoth Plantation for the ultimate historic outing. But what do you think, would you agree with these choices?

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[Featured image: Photo by Aubrey Odom]

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