Catch This Electrifying Indoor Lightning Show At The Boston Museum Of Science

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Indoor Lightning Boston: Check out this electrifying show!

Sparks fly in this electric indoor show!

Hidden inside the Boston Museum of Science, a learning hotspot for the young and the young at heart, is a unique showcase of the power of static electricity. Two pillars topped by luminescent orbs stand in the center of the museum’s Theater of Electricity. The electrifying live presentation draws crowds eager to learn about the science of storms.

The machine that makes it all possible has a proper name — it’s called a Van de Graaff generator, and Boston is home to the largest one in the world, standing a staggering 40 feet tall. According to the MOS website, the generator separates, moves, and collects negative charges in the two hollow spheres. These charges create sizzling sparks of lightning that crackle through the air. 

Beyond the spectacle, the lightning show has a practical purpose: teaching storm safety. For those looking to brush up on their high school understanding of meteorology, the presentation explains what exactly lightning and thunder are. It also teaches guests some important safety tips, like why cars are some of the best places to shelter from thunderstorms. 


The electrifying show, entitled Lightning!, is included in the price of admission for the museum’s Exhibit Halls. It’s a must-see for visitors at the Museum of Science as well as a unique experience to occupy a rainy day.

Find the Theater of Electricity in the Boston Museum of Science, 1 Science Park, Boston, MA 02114.

[Featured image: Museum of Science]

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