5 Haunted Houses In New England That Will Seriously Scare You

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5 Haunted Houses In New England That Will Seriously Scare You

Enter if you dare.

There’s something quite cathartic about getting the crap scared out of you— it makes you feel more alive afterwards! And what better way to celebrate Spooky Season in Boston than to go to a haunted house and get scared by the pros? These top five haunted houses in Massachusetts will certainly get you in the Halloween spirit… if you can make it out alive!

1. Barrett’s Haunted Mansion: Abington, MA


For the 30th year in a row, Barrett’s Haunted Mansion in Abington is delivering spine-tingling scares just an hour outside of Boston. With neon and strobe lights flashing all around and eerie music sending shivers up your spine, just the atmosphere alone could be enough to scare you away With actors waiting to jumpscare you around every coner, it takes a real horror fan to make it through the whole house! There are two different attractions at Barrett’s this year: the haunted mansion and a themed town called “Condemned.” Tickets are $35 to see both spooky attractions.

Find Barrett’s Haunted Mansion at 1235 Bedford St in Abington, MA.

2. Nightmare New England/Spooky World: Litchfield, NH

In collaboration with Spooky World, Nightmare New England is New England’s largest haunted attraction on more than 80 acres of land, just 45 north of Boston. Horror fanatics from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New England are dying to visit every year for thrills, chills, screams, and fun! They’ll have four  attractions this year: Asylum 47, a tour of an operation-gone-wrong hospital; a classic haunted hayride; ‘The Colony,” a desolate countryside filled with mutated monsters, and ‘3D Dreamscape’ a multidimensional horror fest. On site, Nightmare New England has concession stands and a beer garden – perfect for calming your nerves after the freak-out fest!

Find Nightmare New England and 454 Charles Bancroft Highway, Litchfield, NH.

3. Factory of Terror: River Fall, MA

Be prepared to get seriously scared at Fall River’s Factory of Terror, a well-known haunted attraction in the Boston area. For 25 years, the Factory of Terror has lured fear seekers from all over New England to experience the scares of their haunted house. With realistic, detailed rooms featuring cutting edge special effects and horror actors wearing professionally applied make-up and prosthetics, enter at your own risk!

Find the Factory of Terror at 120 Pearl Street, Fall River, MA. 



4. Fear Town: Seekonk, MA

Fear Town is a massive outdoor haunted attraction located deep in the woods at Seekonk Speedway, far away from civilization as we know it. Fear Town takes you on a terrifying journey in and out of the run-down buildings that have been hidden in the woods for decades, and all the while, monsters come at you from all angles to lure you deeper into the woods! With 3 haunted tours, it’s no wonder Fear Town was voted the scariest haunted house in MA.

Find Fear Town at 1710 Fall River Avenue in Seekonk, MA.

5. Witch’s Woods: Westford, MA

Witch’s Woods is located in the roaming woods of Westford, an hour outside of Boston and far enough away from the city that no one car hear your screams!  With some of the most terrifying costumes and actors we’ve seen, Witch’s Woods has 6 separate outdoor tours you can choose from, including a haunted hayride, and all are guaranteed to get you spooked.

Find Witch’s Woods at 79 Power Road in Westford, MA.

[featured image: facebook.com/witchswoods]

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