Your Guide To A Magical Day At Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience In Boston

Vanessa Barron Vanessa Barron

Your Guide To A Magical Day At Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience In Boston

So you’re going to Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience in Boston — why not make a day out of it?

If you’re interested in going to the Van Gogh art experience that opened earlier this year at the Strand, you might be wondering to do with the rest of your day out in Dorchester. That’s why we’ve put a guide to some of the best bars and restaurants to check out in the area so you can make the most of your day at Van Gogh and have a magical experience before, during, and after the exhibit. Don’t forget to check out Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience out before it leaves in February!


Right beside the Savin Hill T stop lies this darling coffee shop, serving bold cups of joe and delicious on-the-go breakfast sandwiches. It’s a great spot to hit before a long walk around an art exhibit!

Find it at 107-109 Savin Hill Ave, Dorchester, MA 02125

Harp & Bard

In addition to having some lovely lunch and dinner options, Harp & Bard is a great spot for a pre- or post-Van Gogh brunch! They’ve got the classic dishes, from pancakes and fried chicken with waffles to BLTS and eggs benny.

Find it at 1099 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester, MA 02125

Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor

Both vegans and non-vegans alike can appreciate the diverse flavors of the dishes at Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor. From burritos and bowls to a full juice bar, it’s a great option for a filling but healthy lunch or dinner.
Find it at  340 Washington St, Boston, MA 02121.



Dbar is where it’s at for cocktails and nightlife in Dorchester, but it’s also a lovely spot for a casual dinner, bar snacks, or just desserts and cocktails. Formerly an old Irish pub, Dbar’s cozy and relaxed atmosphere makes it a perfect spot to unwind and have a nice glass of Bordeaux or a cocktail after a long day.

Find it at 1236 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester, MA 02125

Dorchester Brewing Co.


Dorchester Brewing Co.’s tap room is a great place to unwind over a couple pints after a action-packed day. With 20 housemade beers on draft, you’ll be sure to try something new and refreshing — and if you get peckish, you can stop by M&M BBQ inside the tap room, too!

Find it at 1250 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, MA 02125



50kitchen is a casual but deliciously hearty option for lunch or dinner. WHile the setting is small, their southern-inspired fusion food packs a big punch in the flavor department. Their Fried Honey Cornbread is a must-try!

Find it at 1450 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester, MA 02122

Shaking Seafood

This no-frills seafood joint might look unassuming, but it delivers one of the best seafood broils in Boston. From snow crabs to shrimp, if you’re jonesing for seafood after a long day of gazing at art, this is your go-to spot.

Find it at 1616 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02122.

Dora Taqueria

Sometimes, the only dish that truly hits the spot is a hearty supply of tacos. And if you’re looking for a beautiful blend of flavors in your Mexican food, this is the spot to hit in Dorchester. Don’t forget to save space for churros!

Find it at 112 Stoughton St., Dorchester, MA 02125. 

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