Fenway Park To Become Massachusetts’ Second Mass Vaccination Site

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Fenway Park To Become Massachusetts’ Second Mass Vaccination Site

On Tuesday, January 19, Governor Charlie Baker announced the Red Sox’s park would become a public vaccination center for Bostonians.

Fenway Park is set to become a public mass vaccination site in February. Governor Charlie Baker announced this past Tuesday, January 19, the storied park along with several grocery stores and pharmacies would soon become public vaccination sites as part of the state’s phased vaccination strategy.

Fenway, which served a mass polling site for the past presidential elections, will be joining Gillette Stadium as the second mass vaccination site in Massachusetts.

According to state officials, Fenway Park will open on Monday, February 1, with the capacity to administer around 500 shots a day and will eventually ramp up to providing 1,000 vaccines per day to eligible patients in the Phase 1 priority. CIC Health will be in charge of running the vaccination site along with Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital.

At Gillette Stadium, which opened earlier this week, the site is expected to work up to administering over 1,000 vaccinations per day, and soon after, 5,000 vaccinations per day and eligible patients can already book their appointment online.

In addition, officials also stated that UMass Amherst would be expanding its vaccination site, previously only for first responders, to all eligible Phase 1 individuals.


While Governor Baker did not announce any further mass vaccinations in the recent update, officials say the administration is already finalizing plans for several other mass vaccination sites.

For more information on Massachusetts’ three-phased vaccination procedures visit the Massachusetts Government website. 

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