Bostonians Traveling To The Cape This Summer Will Have To Bring Along Their Vaccination Cards

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Bostonians Traveling To The Cape This Summer Will Have To Bring Along Their Vaccination Cards

And don’t forget to bring your mask!

If you’re headed to Cape Cod this summer make sure you bring along your mask and vaccination cards. During a press conference on Thursday, May 27, Senator Julian Cyr, who represents Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, said travelers should pack a mask and their vaccination card along with their flip flops and sunscreen this summer.

Cyr explained that many businesses are likely to require proof of vaccination as a way of keeping both their employees and guests safe.  “Businesses have the prerogative to request proof of vaccination… This is what they want to do, and I think it makes employees feel respected and safe.”

A number of the bigger businesses with crowded spaces such as nightclubs and bars will require visitors to show proof of vaccinations. For example, visitors will need to show proof of vaccination to attend Tea Dance at Boatslip Resort & Beach Club,  when it opens on June 3, Cyr said. But Tea Dance will likely not be the only one asking visitors to present vaccination proof.

“Several other of the larger nightclubs are [asking for proof of vaccination] as well,” Cyr continued. “So keep a mask handy and have proof of your vaccination card because you may be asked to show it depending on the discretion of the businesses.”

Additionally, Cyr explained that although Mayor Baker would be lifting almost all COVID-19 restrictions this coming Saturday, May 29,  visitors should still carry a mask. These will be required on public transportation, such as trains, planes, buses, and ferries as well as at some businesses.


“We do want to remind the public that business owners, at their own discretion, may still require masks to be worn on their property,” Cyr said. “We’re asking you to please respect that decision.”

Visitors are likely to encounter a sort o “patchwork” of different rules since these may vary from business to business. No matter what your plans for this summer, however, reduced capacity, and a workforce shortage mean there may be lines outside businesses and service may take longer, so patience will be much appreciated.

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