Boston’s Pride Celebrations Are Some Of The Best In The Country Research Reveals

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Boston’s Pride Celebrations Are Some Of The Best In The Country Research Reveals

Boston has the sixth-best Pride in the United States according to a new study!

Boston has made it to the Top 10 Pride events in the country according to new research! Our city ranks sixth on the top Pride events in the country, according to a new study carried out by In My Area.

The research came ahead of Pride Month and details the best cities to celebrate Pride in the United States. Boston ranked sixth, scoring an average rating of 7.90 out of 10. The Hub was outranked for the fifth position by Denver by only 0.01 points and beat other major cities like LA, San Fransisco, Atlanta and Key West which scored an average of 7.89, 7.88, 7.87, and 7.81 respectively.

The Top 5 positions went to Denver (7.91), Seattle (7.94), Columbus (8.01), NYC (8.02) and Washington D.C., which earned the prize for best US city in which to celebrate Pride with a whopping 8.2 points.

Although Washington won the overall majority, NYC, LA, and San Francisco performed better when participants were asked to choose only one city to celebrate their next Pride event.


The study ranked the nation’s favorite things about Pride, with live music hitting the top spot, followed by parades, parties, family-friendly activities, political activism, art exhibitions, and more!

Here’s hoping that this year’s Pride event takes place sometime in the fall. The Boston Pride Committee and city officials announced earlier this year that they’ll make their anticipated return with a festival in the fall. We can’t wait to see you there!

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