Faneuil Hall Has Canceled It’s Popular Christmas Light Show This Year

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Faneuil Hall Has Canceled It’s Popular Christmas Light Show This Year

Christmas in the city will be looking a bit different this year…

Faneuil Hall Marketplace recently announced there won’t be a Christmas tree nor a holiday light show and we’re kind of sad. In fact, we’re not going to lie, we might have just shed a tear or two over this bit of news.

On Thursday, November 12, the market place shared a post on social media announcing it would be canceling its Christmas tree lighting ceremony and the BLINK! light show this year. Don’t get us wrong, we understand this isn’t the year for the kind of mass gathering that holiday celebrations at Quincy Market and Faneuil usually attracts. But holidays in Boston without their iconic Christmas tree?!

Yes, Faneuil Hall officials announced there would be no Blink! festival of lights nor Christmas tree this year:

” This holiday season will look somewhat different at the Marketplace due to the coronavirus pandemic and the regulations issued by state and local authorities limiting the size of outdoor gatherings. That means that there will not be a holiday tree this year or a Blink! program at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It would have been our 10th year presenting the Blink! light and sound extravaganza that has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors from near and far throughout the holidays. We hope that we can bring Blink! back next year,” read the FB post. 

To ease the sting a little bit, we’ll let you know that there will still be holiday decorations going up this year, according to organizers. ” This year, we are still getting into the spirit and we’re decking the halls with festive lights and other adornments for you to enjoy,” the post continues.


Quincy Market will remain all season except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day so you can shop for all the presents on your list and, why not, also help out local merchants who’ve had it particularly hard this year by shopping by picking up a gift for that special someone or treating yourself.

So while we might not get a giant and glowing tree at least we’ll be still helping our local businesses out this holiday season.

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