You Can Drink In An Old Jail Cell At This Beacon Hill Bar

Vanessa Barron Vanessa Barron

You Can Drink In An Old Jail Cell At This Beacon Hill Bar

But at the Alibi Bar in Beacon Hill, you can serve out your sentence with a stiff drink in hand. Set in the “drunk tank” of the old Charles Street Jail, it’s a surprisingly luxurious spot with a splash of a cool backstory.

The Charles Street Jail was originally built in 1851. Over the years, however, it gained an infamous reputation as a particularly rambunctious jailhouse. Famous inmates included Malcolm X and multiple leaders of the women’s suffrage movement.

What’s even cooler about the Alibi Bar (and the larger structure of the Liberty Hotel) is that it brilliantly remodelled the old jailhouse to fit modern accommodations—don’t expect a bland, minimalist look here. Original bluestone floors and brick cell walls set a moody ambience to this hidden gem of a bar, giving it an almost speakeasy vibe of illicitness. Famous celebrity mugshots on the wall also set the jailhouse mood, and hey, who doesn’t love a bad boy/girl?


Food options include light but delicious appetizers that are perfect for satiating your tastebuds before dinner, along with some larger dishes for dinner. And you really can’t go wrong with their house cocktails and by-the-glass wine. Whether you’re bring a date or some friends, Alibi is a go-to spot for a little edge and flavor to your next night out.

Find Alibi at 215 Charles Street, Boston, MA. 

[featured image: alibiboston.com]

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