5 Picturesque Sunflower Fields To Tour In New England

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5 Picturesque Sunflower Fields To Tour In New England

Touring a sunflower field is the perfect August activity.

Before autumn rolls around, enjoy the last moments of the summer by stopping by a sunflower field in full bloom. These flowers will look their best in late August, so it’s the perfect seasonal activity to drive outside the city and have some fun in the sunflowers!

1. Verrill Farm – Concord, Massachusetts

Just an hour outside of Boston lies a massive and breathtakingly beautiful sunflower field at Verrill Farm. Starting this week, the farm is hosting their annual Sunflowers, Selfies, and Bouquets event, where you can snap a photo with the perfect backdrop and take a bouquet of flower home with you. It’s the perfect venue for a mini-photoshoot with your friends!

Find Verrill Farms at 11 Wheeler Road in Concord, Massachusetts.

2. Colby Farm – Newbury, Massachusetts

Find Colby Farm at 50 Scotland Road in Newbury, Massachusetts.

3. Lyman Orchards – Middlefield, Connecticut

Lyman Orchards has a fun twist on the traditional field—they have a sunflower maze! Throughout August, you can get lost in this beautiful maze any day from 9 to 5. It’s well worth the drive for such a unique experience!

Find Lyman Orchards at 32 Reeds Gap Road in Middlefield, Connecticut.


4. School Street Sunflowers – Ipswich, Massachusetts

School Street hosts a lovely sunflower field every September from sunrise to sunset, and it’s a view you definitely don’t want to miss. And in the meantime before they fully bloom, School Street has a wonderfully colorful dahlia field! Check out their Facebook page for more updates on when you can tour the dahlias and sunflowers.

Find School Street Sunflowers at 16 School St in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

5. Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm – Millis, Massachusetts

At Tangerini’s Farm, you can enjoy the view of the sunflower fields and take a bit of the magic home with you, too! For $1.25 a stem, you can cut your own bouquet of sunflowers to bring back to your home. Just remember to bring your own clippers and a bucket of water to transport them!

FIind Tangerini’s at 139 Spring St in Millis, Massachusetts.

[featured image: Pexels / David Dilbert]

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