City Council President Kim Janey Becomes Boston’s First Black & Female Mayor

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City Council President Kim Janey Becomes Boston’s First Black & Female Mayor

Janey is set to serve as acting Mayor now that Mayor Marty J. Walsh has been officially confirmed as U.S. secretary of labor.

City Council president, Kim Janey, took over as acting Mayor of Boston late last night marking a new chapter in the City’s history.  The Roxbury native and longtime activist has served as City Council President since 2019 and is now officially the first Black Bostonian and the first woman to hold the title of Mayor in an office that has been traditionally led by White males.

Mayor Janey succeeded Walsh in the position of Boston Mayor late last night just moments after the U.S. Senate confirmed Walsh as secretary and he presented his letter of resignation. 

Janey also congratulated Walsh for his nomination as U.S. secretary of labor in a heartfelt tweet. “You are a proud son of Dorchester who will bring our city with you to the U.S. Labor Department. The working people of America will benefit greatly from your passion.”

As acting Mayor, Janey can only perform duties that are urgent according to the city charter, but she is ready to lead the city in with a new citywide agenda that promises recovery, reopening, and renewal, and that has been carefully planned by both Walsh’s and Janey’s offices to ensure a smooth transition.

“Today is a new day for Boston. As your mayor, I promise to bring my life experiences and passion to make this city better for everyone. I will strive to make positive change across our city,” wrote Janey in a letter to the Boston Globe.

“I welcome all those who want a better Boston to join us in building a brighter future together. I will work each day so that all residents have opportunities to learn, earn, and thrive. I vow to be a mayor for the entire city — for every neighborhood. If we all work together, there is nothing Boston can’t accomplish.”

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