7 Unique Ice Cream Flavors You Should Try In Boston

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7 Unique Ice Cream Flavors You Should Try In Boston

Escape the heat (and your comfort zone) with these wacky but wonderful ice cream flavors.

Boston is home to some incredible creameries! While you can always get your classic vanilla or chocolate ice cream cones at these local joints, these 7 ice cream shops have some truly unique flavors on the menu. Who knows—maybe you’ll find your new favorite flavor this summer!

1. Emack & Bolio’s

If we’re talking Boston ice cream shops, we have to mention Emack & Bolios! This Back Bay ice cream shop serves amazing scoops and award-winning smoothies, which are whipped right in front of you using seasonal ingredients. Try the Grasshopper Pie cone if you want a unique and minty sweet refreshment!

Find Emack & Bolio’s at 290 Newbury St.

2. Taiyaki NYC Boston

Taiyaki NYC brings a classic Japanese dessert to Boston in the form of a fish! Taiyaki, a fish-shaped, spongey cone, traces back over centuries to Japan, where the dessert represents good luck and prosperity. While the ice cream receptacle itself is super unique, their ice cream flavors are fun and delicious too! Try the Matcha-Hojicha Swirl the next time you’re looking for a new flavor combination.

Find Taiyaki at 119 Seaport Boulevard. 

3. New City Mircrocreamery

Founded in 2015, New City Microcreamery offers a whole new world of delicious ice cream experiences, made with liquid nitrogen process to freeze the cream. They even have ice cream parties at their Cambridge and Hudson locations! If you want to take your tastebuds on a journey, check out the Lime Avocado ice cream flavor!

Find New City Microcreamery at 28 Main Street in Hudson and 403 Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge.

4. Plant Jam’s Cloud Creamery

If you’re over the age of 21 and looking for a delicious treat that also happens to get you stoned, look no further than Plant Jam’s Could Creamery—a new cannabis ice cream company in Massachusetts! While the flavors themselves are quite simple (although Tanzanian Vanilla sounds particularly delicious!), the effects of enjoying a cone of this ice cream will be unlike any other.
Find Cloud Creamery at Caroline’s Cannabis, Western Front Chelsea, and Buds Goods. 

5. Toscanini’s:


The New York Times didn’t name Toscanini’s the best ice cream in the world on accident! This Cambridge cafe earned the title thanks to its legendary ice cream flavors. Our pick for the wildest, must-try flavor here is the Goat Cheese and Brownie ice cream.

Find Toscanini’s at 159 First St in Cambridge.

6. Honeycomb Creamery

Honeycomb Creamery crafts small-batch, locally sourced ice cream right in Cambridge. Their seasonal menu is absolutely delicious this time of year, with the ingredients coming straight from local farms. Their flavor of Sweet Corn & Blackberry Jam is a simple but genius combination that works incredible well as an ice cream cone!

Find Honeycomb Creamery at 1702 Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge.

7. FōMū

Calling all vegan Bostonians—you can still enjoy a delicious ice cream cone at FoMu this summer! Their creamy treats with a gelato-like consistency are made with coconut milk and a blend of organic, natural sweeteners. Our unique flavor pick is Golden Milk, a blend of cinnamon, turmeric and ginger that’s based on an Ayervedic drink used for centuries to calm the belly and ease inflammation. It’s practically good for you!

Find FoMu at one of their multiple locations around Boston.

[featured image: Pexels / Maria Orlova]


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