This South End Bistro Has The Cutest Green House Dining Area • Frenchie

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This South End Bistro Has The Cutest Green House Dining Area • Frenchie

If you’re looking for your next favorite cozy dining spot, Frenchie Wine Bar might just be the place for you.

French bistro Frenchie in Boston’s South End is open for outdoor dining on their sidewalk, but if you’re looking for your next favorite cozy spot for when the temperatures start to drop you might want to snag a table in their backyard greenhouse.

If you walk towards the back of the wine bar, you’ll find a totally cute and cozy greenhouse dining area complete with twinkling lights and cascading greenery. Frenchie had its backyard turned into a greenhouse way before these original dining spaces became fashionable during the pandemic, and we’re totally in love with it!


Surrounded by a small garden filled with luscious greenery, the greenhouse serves as the perfect rustic canopy for Frenchie’s delectable French-inspired cuisine, doting the place with a wonderfully romantic atmosphere from plant to plate.


This easy-going wine bar offers a wide variety of french-inspired bites such as Steak Frites, Coq au Vin , and Raclette, a French Fall favorite that consists of melted cheese, potatoes and ham. Pair these with one of their more than 50 French wines and you’ll be wisked away to Paris faster than you can say bon appetit! 

Frenchie also has a selection of scrumptious brunch dishes which include, but are not limited to, Croque Monsieur, Eggs à la Provençale with tomato ragù and parmesan cheese, mushroom buckwheat crèpes and the not-so-french, French toast with maple syrup and fresh berries.

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