This Awesome App Will Let You Compare The Ever Given Ship To Famous Boston Landmarks

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This Awesome App Will Let You Compare The Ever Given Ship To Famous Boston Landmarks

Created by Boston Public Library’s Map Curator, Garret Dash Nelson, this application lets you place the Ever Given anywhere you want in the world!

You’ve all probably heard about the giant skyscraper-sized container ship blocking one of the world’s busiest trading routes. The 400-meter long Ever Given was finally freed today after being wedged across the Suez Canal for almost a week. Dislodging the 224,000-ton vessel took a flotilla of tug boats coordinating at the peak of high tide as well as the dredging of approximately 30,000 cubic meters of sand and mud.

The crisis has been on the front page of papers around the world and the sheer size of the enormous ship had us thinking about what it would look like if the Ever Given passed through Boston. Sure enough, we weren’t alone in our musings and somebody has used their resourcefulness to create an application that does just that.

Garrett Dash Nelson, the Curator of Maps and Director of Geographic Scholarship at the Boston Public Library’s Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center, created the Ever Given Everywhere app to help envisage the skyscraper-sized container ship if it were trapped anywhere you want in the world. While playing around with his own creation, Nelson shared a few images of what the colossus would look like compared to various Boston landmarks. Here’s what it would look like docked at Conley terminal and the Boston Harbor (yikes!):

And if you’re wondering how it would look like docked outside the Boston Public Library…Well here it is (😳):


Naturally… we couldn’t resist playing around with it either. Scroll through these images of the colossal ship compared to various other Boston landmarks. Here it is parked just outside Fenway, out on Yawkey Way:

Photo: Ever Given Everywhere.

And the Public Garden Pond:

Photo: Ever Given Everywhere

Look at it on the Charles River! The Ever Given is one Longfellow Bridge long!

Photo: Ever Given Everywhere

Last but not least, imagine being stuck behind this colossus on the Turnpike… as if traffic wasn’t already bad enough!

Photo: Ever Given Everywhere.

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[Featured image: Twitter / @en_dash]

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