A New 200 MPH Train Is Being Planned To Connect Boston And NYC

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A New 200 MPH Train Is Being Planned To Connect Boston And NYC

The North Atlantic Rail’s high-speed train would take passengers from Boston to NYC in just 100 minutes.

Traveling to the Big Apple in under two hours could become a reality in the near future, according to the North Atlantic Rail Initiative (NAR). Reaching up to 200 miles an hour, the new high-speed train would take passengers from South Station to Penn Station in about one hour and forty minutes. The current travel time from Boston to NYC on Amtrack’s Acela trains is almost four hours.

The initiative also seeks to improve commuter services all throughout the New England and New York areas providing significant updates to the local rail system. NAR’s new regional railway system would include an east-west link between Boston and Springfield that would continue on to Hartford; improved commuter services between Concord, New Hampshire, and Boston; frequent high-speed rail between Kingston, Rhode Island and Providence and Boston; and connections to Pittsfield from Connecticut.

North Atlantic Rail

According to NAR proponents, the project would also have many additional benefits including the creation of tens of thousands of jobs spurring the economic recovery and post-pandemic development of the region and would aid in reducing pollution by taking cars off of streets and reducing carbon emissions.


If approved by the government, the $105 billion high-speed rail project would take around 20 years to complete, but when finished, it would link Boston and other major New England cities to New York City, easing the predicament of commuting within the area.

Currently, New England lawmakers are trying to secure funding for it through President Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure package.

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